Benfield is Jay is Jay Benfield.

I’m an author in progress, musician, and professional nerd. I live in Virginia with my wife, tiny humans, and a ferocious Goldendoodle named Lucy.

And now a ridiculous third-person bio.

Japheth Benfield, the first of his name, was hatched to human parents in the virginal waters of Genesee County, Michigan.

He emerged from childhood enfeebled by introversion, while suffering inescapable visibility due to his gangly frame. Mankind’s inability to pronounce his name led to the adoption of “Jay” to avoid the harsh spotlight of phonetic inquisition.

Music, guitar, and D&D were a balm for the moody despair that glommed Jay’s awkward teenage soul. What wasn’t remedied by Dr. Dre, minor pentatonics, and slaying kobolds, he satisfied through an unwavering devotion to shenanigans.

He became a dad shortly after high school. The lack and chaos of instantaneous adulthood left him circling the drain at the base of Maslow’s pyramid. In spite of his best efforts, he and his young family barely stayed afloat. During this bleak and toilsome time, Jay was given a unique opportunity that ultimately birthed an incredible career that has spanned nearly three decades.

Now halfway to dirtnap in his Ludicrous Speed life, Jay has become preoccupied with storytelling. benfield.org is a sandbox for his bloggery and fantasy – a tiny slice of the interwebs where he highlights projects, shares life experiences, and allows his right-brain to run wild.

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