Privacy Policy

TL;DR – Privacy is a big deal. Your trust is important. I’m not a horrible person (as far as I know). is a personal project. It is owned and operated by me, Jay Benfield, a human with a soul. This is my real name. My reputation and my integrity matter to me. I will not do anything sketchy or slimy in connection with your use of the website for any reason. Ever.


Comments went live on all bloggery in September 2023. I’m using a fantastic, privacy-focused service called Hyvor Talk. Anytime you comment on a post, your information is processed and stored by Hyvor in accordance with the Hyvor Privacy Policy.

The Comments Policy establishes the ground rules and guardrails for commenting on this blog.


I use MailChimp for all email list stuff. MailChimp is a third-party service used to simplify sending emails to folks en masse. MailChimp’s handling and use of your email address is governed by the MailChimp Privacy Policy.

Email List Messages

The Terminus list is an ultra-low traffic list created to tell my very, very patient subscribers that I’ve finished something. In the past three years, a total of zero (0) messages have been sent. I only email when:

– New short fiction is posted to the site, and only if I really like it and think it’s worth an email.
– Beta-reading opportunities, early access, or launch announcements for my longer writing projects.
– Any other major news relevant my writing.

I do not email you when I post to the blog.

Google Analytics is integrated with Google Analytics so that I can obsess over all manner of statistics and eye candy. It helps me understand how people use the site so I can optimize everything to death. All collected data is subject to the terms of the Google Privacy Policy.

Web Server

The web server and associated software responsible for making work captures details about your access to the site and any errors that you might encounter along the way. This includes a timestamp, your IP address, web browser and version, operating system, URL accessed, and other technical gobbledygook that is used to identify any technical issues or misconfigurations.

Personal Information

Apart from the use of your data as outlined above, any and all personal information you provide in connection with will not be shared, sold, or otherwise provided to any third party for any reason. That would be wrong and dickish.


Please email if you have any questions or concerns.

Updated: 10/23/23